Collaborative Free Standing Room

by Estel

How can you foster human connection at work? Through well-designed social spaces, of course!
Discover our new Collaborative Room array and enjoy informal meetings without any noise or distraction, even in open space office layouts.

Our Collaborative Room can reduce the noise up to 35 db.

Projects for contemporary offices see an increasing number of “open space” layouts, that are gradually taking the place of enclosed spaces. If this approach has simplified and minimized workspaces, it has also generated less privacy and more repetitiveness into office enviroments. In certain cases, employees have shown hostility, followed by lack of productivity.

COLLABORATIVE ROOM is the new solution that gives an integrated answer to all the issues of open space environments.
It is an enclosed soundproof space, available in different dimensions, from 1×1 m to 5.1×3 m. Internal height is 2.40 m for all items. A large number of solutions are available, with rounded corner panels (elegant and ergonomic) and with 90° corners (simple and basic). Collaborative room can be used as an individual office, as meeting or negotiation room, as waiting room, as coffee-break space, phone booth, concentration or relax room.

All items feature:

 VENTILATION SYSTEM: solutions spread from an efficient and economic system of ventilators, to a VMC system managed with a smartphone app, that controls CO2, humidity and temperature inside the room, and optimizes air quality;
 LIGHTING: warm white LED bars with illumination level about 500 lux and easy electrical connections;
 ACOUSTICS: special sound-absorbing materials, and efficient acoustic solutions on doors, allow a noise reduction of 35 dB (inside to outside).

Main structure (in aluminium) is available in Carbon Glacè or White Snow finishing. Thanks to its capability to create small enclosed and multi-purpose spaces, Collaborative Room plays a key-role in the contemporary Smart Office.

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Made In Italy