Flote, Hightower's latest lounge collection by Hightower Studio, is designed to enhance the workplace and other public spaces with a range of comfortable seating options while also providing a distinct visual featuring a bit of whimsy. Inspired by the support, comfort, and ease of relaxing in a classic pool float, the collection brings an instant sense of lightness and elevated design to any space. Shawn Sowers, Design Director behind Hightower Studio, believes good seating is structurally sound, comfortable, and playful—with Flote hitting all these benchmarks.

Flote boasts several innovative qualities that set it apart in the market. The collection features a lounge chair, three-seat sofa, and ottoman offering customizable options through fabric selection, metal finish options, and a choice of oversized welt, chunky zipper, or classic double needle stitching, allowing customers to tailor their seating to fit their unique design preferences. The statement-making welt, zipper, or double-stitching options make this a unique collection that demonstrates Hightower’s attention to detail. Made in Hightower’s High Point manufacturing facility, Flote is crafted with the highest level of quality, showcasing its renowned attention to detail in sewing and upholstery.

Winner of the Best of Competition and Gold Award | Neocon 2023

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