Office 5 System

The Office 5 range is completely modular. Regardless of the desired set-up, every single element can be coupled to one another, with matching widths, heights and depths, to enable you to create a tailored work-space of perfect visual unity that will fulfill your specific needs. Every component of the collection is identified to be either freestanding, wall mounted or stacked on wood or metal legs. Storage components can be equipped with hinged doors or sliding doors, available in wood, lacquered finish or glass. You can create the style and set-up that suits you best.

Combining wood and metal, the Office 5 collection is also offered in a hybrid version giving you the freedom to mix laminate with wood. Office 5 was conceived to harmonize both materials whilst sharing the same design.

The Office 5 system has the same base as the TAG Seating system and is entirely compatible with a TAG set-up.