OFH Bench Desking

OFH Bench Desking is our most affordable and flexible à la carte open plan system. Comprised of components that are sourced by OFH prioritizing aesthetics, durability, and value. Our OFH Bench Desking system features an unlimited selection of customizable solutions. Worksurfaces are available in any size, and material, and can be supported by metal post legs, panel legs or storage pedestals. Privacy dividers are available in tackable fabric, laminate, glass or acrylic in a wide variety of heights and widths. NYC approved modular electrification with wire management can be specified.

OFH Benching is simple to install, and is flexible enough to accommodate most requirements at a price to make any CFO happy.


  • Worksurfaces available in laminate with 3mm PVC edge in 1” or 1.5” thickness in a wide color selection
  • Worksurfaces can be ordered in any size and modified to accommodate all field conditions
  • Choice of metal legs, laminate panel legs or pedestals to support worksurfaces
  • Freestanding and mobile storage pieces available
  • Fabric, laminate, acrylic or glass screens available for visual privacy
  • Optional NYC approved Electrification/Non-Electrification
  • Wire management
  • Designed to work with accesories such as the Articulating Monitor Arm, & Keyboard Tray with Mouse Platform.
  • Customizable with height adjustable benching


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