Henri Matisse once famously said “I don’t think outside the box, I think of what I can do with the box”. When Via Seating started thinking about sit-to-stand functionality and what kind of seating solution should accompany this type of experience, Via took that same holistic approach to the concept of sit-to-stand but also everywhere in between. The 4-UP ‘Telescoping Gas Lift’ was crafted to access every ‘in between’ or ‘perching position’ available with a sit-to-stand desk.

Telescoping in mechanics describes the movement of one part sliding out from another which can result in lengthening the object. Imagine that functionality incorporated into the gas lift of an ergonomic work chair. This facilitates a starting, seated height where the user’s feet are in contact with the floor, but then extends out from this position to elevate higher to where a foot ring is in place to support the feet. In short, 4-UP provides the user with a fully ergonomic work chair that can support from sit-to-stand and everywhere in between / perching.

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Winner of the Business Impact Award | Neocon 2023