Rowen Café

The Rowen café table is a stunning example of how elegance and warmth can be combined to create a truly welcoming environment. Designer Brian Graham has taken inspiration from architecture and landscapes to create a graceful and inviting form that evokes a sense of beauty and peace, making it the perfect addition to any commercial space.

Designed with a super matte oak or walnut butcher block top, or a painted top, the table can be customized to suit any interior design scheme. Additionally, the powder-coated base is available in 18 different standard or studio powder coats, allowing for further customization.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Rowen café table has been designed with functionality in mind. It is available in both seated and bar height, making it suitable for a variety of different applications. Furthermore, the thoughtful bag hook designed into the column of the base adds an extra layer of convenience for customers.

Overall, Rowen café table is an exceptional piece of furniture that combines beauty, warmth, and functionality in a way that few other pieces can match.

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Winner of the Gold Award | Neocon 2023