January 20, 2022

Creating the Right Spaces and Getting the Most Use Out of Your Post-Covid Workplace

In the last two years, offices have been witness to many changes: from the movement to flexible and hybrid work arrangements, to new safety precautions and amenities. As more employees resume their in-person roles, the expectation is to return to a more collaboratively focused environment that prioritizes safety. When determining the layout and features of your Post-Covid workplace, there are several key strategies to consider to ensure the best possible use of office space. 

November 2, 2021

Our Team Read “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it” by Chris Voss. Here are our thoughts.

As part of a sales and design team at an office furniture company, we often see ourselves as negotiators. After we book a furniture order, we go from one form of negotiation to the next. On one end we are communicating with the client, and on the other end we are communicating with the architect, broker, building owner, manufacturing partners, and trades. Our goal is to ensure that our clients get their furniture in beautiful condition, on time, without any surprises. In a hectic city like Manhattan, this isn’t always easy. Life is about communicating with people. Being professional negotiators and expert listening ensures what we set out to do is possible.

September 30, 2021

Plan Your Next Office with Our Office Furniture Bestsellers

As the new season begins, and as you begin planning the next steps of your team’s office move or office reconfiguration, it’s important to start first with the essentials. In a previous post, we discussed office furniture options available for quick delivery. This post will be focusing on our tried-and-true bestsellers. From luxurious conference tables to ergonomic seating and workstations, these client-favorite pieces have been used in OFH Projects.

August 31, 2021

Conference, Reception and Open Plan Office Furniture Ready for Quick Delivery | Fall 2021

Axis Workstation

As you prepare your team's return to the office, purchase furniture to meet your expected deadline with our Quick Delivery Program. OFH offers a wide range of solutions that are in-stock and can be expedited for delivery straight to your office. Whether your team’s needs may include fast solutions for reception, workstations, conference, or café areas—rest assured, OFH has you covered! In this blog post, we are currently highlighting our best-selling and favorite products. If you are looking for more solutions, reach out to a member of our team for a consultation.

May 20, 2021

Office Design Trends | Stylex, Nucraft, Halcon and Watson

Recently, OFH introduced a range of elegant new products to our Designer Collection. Bringing together the keen design sensibilities and requirements of a bespoke workplace, our collection includes lounge and executive pieces that will help create active collaborative spaces for your team.

February 25, 2021

Trends | In-Office Collaboration and Remote Work in Today’s Evolving Office Environments

Products pictured: Switchback Height Adjustable Desk, Amplify, Ionic and Envoi Seating

If there anything our team has learned after a year of social distancing, is that it is impossible to replace in-person interaction with a Zoom call. And we are not alone: collaboration is the most often-cited reason people miss being at work, as many companies look towards readjusting their office plans to reopen (fully or partially), “going to office” might have a different definition than it did prior to 2020.

Products pictured: Nano lounge seating

Thinking “Hybrid”

While working from home carries some communicative and social disadvantages, working from home also poses many positive benefits. Many companies who have chosen to partially open their doors, are adopting more flexible or “hybrid” work schedules. This means, work schedules that accommodate both in-office and remote work. Usually by department or role, and sometimes by preference, this new style of working will have an impact on how many offices will be redeveloped and furnished in 2021.