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Recently, OFH introduced a range of elegant new products to our Designer Collection. Bringing together the keen design sensibilities and requirements of a bespoke workplace, our collection includes lounge and executive pieces that will help create active collaborative spaces for your team.

Free Address

The Free Address by Stylex is a modular collection that offers an integrated solution for today’s diverse work styles. Easily suited within an open plan, the configuration can be adjusted and modified to perfectly fit the design requirements of that space. Let your imagination go wild, with numerous upholstery options, and various flexible arrangements. The next generation of offices are geared towards flexibility and Free Address provides you with the freedom to choose your unique collaborative style.


The beautiful silhouette of Share lends itself to open areas, where individuals are meant to congregate and gather. Designed by Stylex to include the flexibility of a modular design, comfortable materials, and an aesthetic curvilinear shape. Share is meant to draw individuals into a space.


Halo, by Halcon, makes a grand executive statement. Embodying beautiful design aesthetics and a clean silhouette, Halo revolutionizes meetings by reducing design to the bare essentials.

C9 Series Workstations

An office is not complete without workstations. C9 by Watson epitomizes what we search for in an office. The series, which includes the C9 Desk, Rail and Storage, reflects a Scandinavian-inspired design aesthetic with quiet, understated beauty. One can pair the series with any configuration of desks and screens, with optional pendant storage that offers unique functionality to the modern workplace.  The result are workstations that depart from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning — bending space, improving sightlines, and improving the organic flow of a space.


Myne, by Nucraft, offers a timeless solution to resolve the necessity for flexibility in a today’s offices.  Myne, which is also featured as a conference table, was designed in Milan by Metricia. Myne’s simple, lightweight construction helps facilitate dynamic teamwork and collaboration, as pieces can be moved to accommodate a multitude of flexible work styles.


Finally, NYC by Stylex, conveys a sense of ease through its classic use of forms in an open space. Featuring four unique and modular styles—Wrap-Over, Standard, Relaxed, and Loose—all make a statement of understated elegance and comfort. Deceptively simple, NYC can be customized to integrate within any executive space with relative ease. In line with its namesake, NYC is a quintessentially modern piece that is meant for the urban space.

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