The OFH Community + What It Means to Wow Our Customers

Customer Experience


This month, during our All-Hands Meeting, we talked about the OFH community, and our CEO Marc Schwartzberg presented to the team what it means to “Wow” our customers and provide an excellent and memorable customer experience. 

‘Wowing’ our customers does not merely mean avoiding the bad (‘Oy!’) experience; rather, it means anticipating our clients’ needs in advance and providing them with the appropriate service so that they feel confident and satisfied at every stage of the process. Watch the video here. 

Converting what would be a negative ('Oy!') experience into a positive ('Joy') experience is what the OFH team takespride in.

At OFH, we follow EOS Traction, and during our annual planning meeting, we allocate two days to thoroughly review various aspects of our business using the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO). Our VTO outlines our ‘three uniques’ which are:  

  1. We Wow our customers no matter how large or small 
  1. We Value Design 
  1. We Love Small Businesses. 

The fears/ anxieties a client may have when they come to us when moving to a new office is that they do not have the staff to handle their move. They may be afraid they are going to spend too much money, or they do not have the appropriate budget to properly furnish their office. They might be concerned that their furniture will not arrive within the proper timeframe or delivery time. This may also be their first time designing an office, and they may be afraid they will choose the wrong color and it will look bad, or the furniture they choose will not fit in the space! With all this pressure, there is a big potential for anxiety and frustration. 

As professionals in office furniture, it is our duty to anticipate any concerns our customers may have and provide exceptional customer service that exceeds their expectations. By doing so, we instill confidence in our clients, assuring them that we are taking care of every aspect of their order. Our OFH community takes pride in being passionate about customer service, impressing our clients, and going the extra mile for every customer, regardless of account size. 

Furnishing offices in New York City, we cannot know in advance what events will happen over the course of a project. But our experience in the industry enables us to anticipate a likely scenario of events, plan ahead for them, and—most importantly—keep the client informed and taken care of. We are passionate about our clients and are committed to providing them with the service that enable them start up in their new office with confidence. 



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