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When David Itkin founded Office Furniture Heaven back in 1991, we set out with a simple mission: to provide our customers with the best value in office furniture regardless of their budget. By breathing new life in to quality pre-owned furniture, we wanted to show that a great office did not need to cost a fortune and that great office furniture design should last a lifetime. Starting from our humble beginnings more than 25 years ago, we have always been proud of our service as a trusted office furniture source for our budget conscious clients.

Since then OFH has come a long way, and while we still offer excellent value, our focus has shifted to providing smart design solutions for the modern office. Today we do 99% our business in new furniture. So when Marc acquired the company in 2014 we decided that although our old logo has served us well for more than two decades, it was time for OFH to have a new look to represent our revitalized mission going in to the future.

To that end, we teamed up with Peter Romero of Wooly Head Design who took us through several iterations of the creative process in order to come up with the sleek new logo we have today.

Once it was decided that we wanted to keep the name Office Furniture Heaven, we wanted to simplify our image by setting the focus to the initials OFH. Our first round of logos looked like this:

By simplifying the logo to just the initials, we were able to shorten our image considerably to allow for a more compact look. However, we felt that the font of our original logo was too heavy. In our next round of logos we paired down the logo to thinner characters as we explored a number of different fonts. For this iteration, we played around with changing our company name to just OFH, and experimented with re branding ourselves with design as a primary focus.

Closer. After thinning out the characters of our logo we decided that it we also wanted to convey a sense of balance and consistency. We also did not want to stray too far from our roots, so in our third iteration we re-explored the cloud iconography and changed the fonts to be symmetrical. In addition we reinserted the text Office Furniture Heaven back in to the logo as we felt that it was a key part of our identity.

After narrowing down on the relative font and size that we wanted for our logo, we experimented with color as well. Here we also tried adding a color bar on the bottom for balance.

Ultimately we concluded that the name Office Furniture Heaven was important for our brand continuity. In our penultimate round we reverted the colors back to our original brilliant blue and tested two different weights for our tagline.

And finally the new OFH logo is born! We went with a bold symmetrical font for our tagline to present a strong and balanced image for our brand. We hope you like our new simple and elegant aesthetic. Here at Office Furniture Heaven we are proud to continue our legacy of excellent value and customer service. Now smart design is a driving force behind out brand.

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