Co-Sponsoring Inaugural TEDx Times Square

Networking at TEDx Times Square

On Wednesday, April 10 I had the great pleasure of co-sponsoring the first ever TEDx Times Square  at the Times Center, hosted and produced by my friend, business growth consultant Randy Joy Epstein , of Randy Joy & Co.  The theme “Openness: Exploring the Limits and Possibilities of Open Culture,” appealed to me because it is very much in line with our philosophy at 3D Office Furniture + Design.  I’m a fan of openness in design, not only in terms of physical space, but also with regard to how new, innovative design can enable us to be more open about new ideas.  At 3D Office Furniture + Design, we are always open to new possibilities, and looking for new ways to help our clients with regard to technology, products, and customer service.

TEDx Times Square featured a diverse roster of 13 speakers, from a variety of disciplines, each with their own insight into how openness, both philosophically and as a practice, have helped them expand the horizons of their careers and lives.  Despite my usual attitude about being open, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about what a psychotherapist, advertising executive, architect, musician, and magician might have in common.  But something Karol Ward, one of the presenters, said early on really resonated with me.  Her message was that a key element to remaining open is trusting your gut, and by not doing this you can become both physically and psychologically stuck.  As 3D Office Furniture + Design rounds out its second full year this summer, it is this exact sentiment – trusting my gut – that has helped me expand and grow my business.

3D Office Furniture + Design Supplied Chairs to the Event

Also presenting was architect Guy Geier, of FX FOWLE, who along with Cesar Pelli, designed the very building, and room, in which we sat.  From the glass-front lobby which connects to the street on three sides – the only of its kind in New York — to the glass encased stairwells which are visible from in and outside of the building, to the open floor plans of each floor, where there are few solid walls separating the offices, the New York Times building was designed to exemplify the theme of openness.  To help the audience focus on the presenters and their video projections in the The Stage auditorium, there was a black screen obscuring the view of the famous open air courtyard in the center of the main floor. I kept thinking “I wish we could see the garden.” At the end of his talk, Geier had the screen lifted to reveal the magnificent signature Paper Birch garden and the main floor at the Times Center. Ahh – openness!

Kudos to event planner Annette Naif, with whom we worked closely in coordinating TEDx Times Square.  Take a look at some of Tedx Times Square’s press on and Women’s Wear Daily.

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