Next Stop, eCommerce!

The 3D Office Furniture + Design website is expanding. There’s a great team working to add eCommerce to the long list of services 3D provides. Here’s some brick and mortar images of this very virtual process.

Marc has created a literal paper trail — dozens of mock-ups of each page of the planned eCommerce website — taped across the 3D ErgoLab’s wall to track and manage the website expansion process.

Dan Harelick — a graphic designer who has worked with Marc on logo designs, advertising, product designs, and brochures for more than two decades — is collaborating with Marc on the 3D eCommerce project to create an elegant web design that is both appealing and user friendly. “It’s great to have such a big impact on 3D’s image, from the initial logo-design, to all of the company’s collateral, the website, and now the eCommerce module. Marc and I challenge one another to achieve a great design and have built a friendship along the way,” says Dan.

Richard Lee of Pillar Digital Agency will translate Dan’s detailed layouts into interactive, vibrant and dynamic web pages via Pillar’s team of expert programmers. According to Richard, “Pillar is well versed in the latest eCommerce technology and will be customizing 3D’s module to be robust, but simple to use.” Marc and Richard first met years ago through the The Business Connection, a vibrant networking group in New York City of which they are both active members, and have built a close personal and professional relationship over the years.

The 3D Office Furniture + Design eCommerce site will offer all products available in the 3D ErgoLab, plus chairs, work-stations, desks, tables, storage, home office products, and accessories — all available for order online and delivered to your door.

The design and production process will continue until the website gleams, glistens and runs like a well-furnished office. We look forward to being able to offer this great tool and to better serve our clients’ needs.

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