Best of NeoCon 2022 Our Favorites: Halcon, OFS, Bernhardt Design, AMQ, and More

Employees returning to the office are seeking collaboration and connection. Walking through our industry's most important trade show: NeoCon2022, at the Merchandise Mart and Fulton Market Showrooms, we saw endless designs celebrating connectivity and togetherness. From biophilic office designs "bringing the outdoors inside" with living walls to hybrid collaboratively-focused hubs, the optimism of returning to the office was palpable. Reunited and moving forward together, we are returning to the office with confidence. Here, we would like to highlight some of our favorite lines that received the Best of NeoCon Award in 2022. See all the winners here.


Halcon: Helm Private Office
NeoCon Award: Best of Competition

Halcon: Helm Conference
NeoCon Award: Gold

Halcon: Helm Height Adjustable
NeoCon Award: Gold

OFS: Kalied
NeoCon Award: Gold

Andreu World: Solo Chair
NeoCon Award: Gold

Davis: Helio
NeoCon Award: Gold

Davis: Riza Chair
NeoCon Award: Silver

OFS: Fleet
NeoCon Award: Silver

Sit On It: Reya
NeoCon Award: Silver

Bernhardt Design: Ravel
NeoCon Award: Silver

Davis: Sola
NeoCon Award: Silver
AIS: PET Wire Managers and Enclosures
NeoCon Award: Silver

AMQ: Amobi
NeoCon Award: Innovation

OFS: Zero
NeoCon Award: Sustainability


Include the Best of NeoCon 2022 in Your Next Office Design Project

We are thrilled to see the lines we represent receive awards, standing out in the industry for quality, design and innovation. We are excited to introduce these beautiful lines to our clients. Book a consultation with our team to specify these NeoCon favorites in your next office design project. 


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