We graciously wish a happy retirement to OFH company founder, David Itkin

When David Itkin founded OFH in 1991, it was his mission to provide quality furniture to New York City businesses at reasonable prices. Under his leadership, OFH built a stellar reputation for high-quality office furniture, excellent customer service, and for maintaining close relationships with clients. It was the excellent customer service and personal attention that made OFH renowned in New York City as a preferred source for office furniture.  Small companies received the attention and care usually reserved for much larger firms. It did not matter who you were; OFH would work within your budget to find a solution that best fit your needs. From the initial planning stages, to final installation and delivery, David oversaw every step of the process ensuring complete client satisfaction 

When Marc Schwartzberg acquired OFH in 2014, David continued on at OFH for another six years, and was an invaluable mentor to the team. He utilized his experience and insight to provide valuable insight on how to best service clients and provide them with furniture solutions that would last the test of time. Now, in March of 2021, he plans to go into full retirement, spending more time in the country with his wife, and their dog, Tink. He will be missed by members of the OFH team. We wish David continued success and good health and thank him for his many years of dedicated service. 

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