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The modern executive desk is where leaders get work done. Your office should not only serve your tech and ergonomic needs; it should look great, and help tell your story. We recommend executive desks that are designed to be seen, and can be customized to improve your productivity and performance.

At OFH, we have curated a selection of executive desks that work well for the fast-paced office environment. From the minimalist Zen series, to Planeta—our Italian luxury line, our team can help you select a desk to match your style.

 Zen Executive Desk


Minimalist and clean, the Zen Executive series brings a calming touch to your office environment. The Zen is a complete line that can be customized to fit numerous technology, space and design requirements. Personalized storage options include overhead cabinets, wardrobe and wall units, all available in a beautiful range of laminate finishes. Matching furniture is available for the open office, reception and conference room. The Zen features beautiful clean lines and a modern silhouette perfectly suited for a less-is-more executive.

Compete Workstation for OFH Project: In Private

Compete Workstations

The Compete series is a compelling and versatile solution for technology-integrated, fixed-height, and height adjustable executive workstations. The worksurfaces are available with a knife-edge detail and in wide range of unique shapes in a variety of textured laminate finishes. The Compete line’s varied selection of leg options and metal finishes allow for a high degree of personalization. Unique storage options reduce visual clutter and improve organization. Complete office workstations are light, durable, and are perfect for active work environments. 

Aptos Executive Desk


Aptos is our high-end executive solution. Aptos comes in a wide selection of luxurious materials: from hand-selected fine veneers, to leather, to solid Corian. The sky is the limit. The Aptos boasts sleek lines and a minimalist design for a bespoke executive office. With additional options of height adjustability and integrated technology, the Aptos is the luxurious solution that aligns form and function.

Planeta Workstations

Planeta Workstations

European and timeless, Planeta is part of our luxury Italian line. Planeta stands out with its versatile tech and storage options, as well as its visually striking design.  Made in Italy, worksurfaces are available in gloss or matte laminate, veneer, leather inlay, or back-painted glass surfaces that do not track fingerprints. For more information about the Planeta line, read our previous blog post here. 

Your Choice!

From utilitarian to luxury, the executive desk you choose impacts the look and feel of your office. The perfect executive desk sends the right message to your visitors and your staff. At OFH, we are passionate about assisting our clients in choosing visually striking office furniture that functions well in their office. Contact our team, and let our office furniture professionals and designers help you make a powerful statement in your executive office.

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