Top Trends of NeoCon 2015

NeoCon Attracts Nearly 50,000 Design Professionals Each Year

NeoCon is the country's largest commercial interiors show that showcases the latest trends in office design. The three day conference takes place in Chicago's Merchandise Mart and is the place to be for office designers, manufacturers, and dealers. With over 700 companies exhibiting this year, NeoCon offered a fresh look at the latest and greatest in commercial office design.

This year's event showcased new trends in office design. Here are some of our favorites:

Height Adjustable Tables

Sit-to-stand workstations have proved to be more than a fad and are here to stay. Height adjustable tables and workstations were one of the most talked about trends to emerge from Neocon. Many companies released various versions of the concept, from whole workstations to single desks or meeting tables. Click Here for Office Furniture Heaven Height Adjustable Solutions.









Bold Colors

Office chairs, tables, systems, and wall accents all sported bright colors and grabbed our attention. These bright bursts add some fun to the office spaces and create welcoming environments. Bold and bright accents make people happy! Adding color not only creates beautiful spaces, but can also increase productivity.

Casual Work Environments

Today's office furniture and office design bring the comfort and casualness of home to the corporate setting. Many manufacturers featured unique designs, allowing today's office workers to be comfortable collaborating and working in lounge and cafe-style settings. The casual work environment becomes productive. 

Office Furniture Heaven is proud to offer some of the top rated and awarded office furniture manufacturers from NeoCon. You can see a full list of all of this year's NeoCon winners SHOP and see how these new trends can fit in your workspace.


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