How We Help Real Estate Brokers Close Deals

Commercial real estate brokers in New York City have a particularly challenging job. They are tasked with finding great space options for reasonable prices and convincing tenants to close on offers. It’s a competitive market and getting a potential tenant to decide on a space can be a tough go. That is why at OFH we provide complimentary design services and personal assistance to our broker partners to help make the decision-making process easier.

OFH 3D Rendering of Vita Coco's Office + the Furnished Office

Many commercial spaces on the market are raw spaces or pre-built unfurnished spaces. We’ve found that many tenants have difficulty visualizing how their office will look at this stage of the process. Not to mention, raw spaces often require a full consultation. OFH can solve that problem with our in-house team of Interior Designers who work with brokers and their potential tenants to help them visualize how the final space will look once the company moves in.

Furniture Plan and 3D Rendering by OFH

When provided with a building floorplan, company size and unique requirements, OFH’s team of experienced designers will create beautiful and efficient solutions to help the client make a final decision. The OFH design team will also create beautiful 3D renderings of the fully furnished space so that the tenant can accurately visualize the possibilities. This service is especially beneficial for small companies working with a conservative budget looking for the most efficient way to use their space. Our goal is to enable the client to make an educated decision and come to a final decision much sooner.

OFH 3D Rendering

Our sales and design team will communicate with all parties to provide as much information as possible to help ease the entire process.  OFH is always available to answer any questions a client might have regarding their office needs, how to use a space efficiently, or any furnishing and design questions. This service we provide can significantly speed up the decision-making process, instill confidence in the potential tenant, and help brokers close much sooner. To discuss our complimentary design service, reach out to us at

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