Insight into Logistics: How OFH Delivers Your Furniture After Your Order is Booked

We are often asked by our customers about what happens to their furniture after they book an order. Because we provide a high level of personal service to our clients, we will immediately set to work ensuring that their furniture is delivered by their scheduled move in date. During this time, our operations and logistics team will take leadership of the project, communicating with the manufacturers, your appointed company representative, design team and trades to perform the heavy lifting of managing the project.

Most of the important work we perform happens behinds the scenes, in the hands of our dedicated and reliable logistics and operations team. They are the secret sauce of our company, coordinating with our sales team, multiple manufacturing partners and trades, ensuring that every requirement of your order is met. They will take an unwieldy, complicated project, and utilize their combined experience to make the process as streamlined as possible. Here are the 5 steps in our OFH process:

The Order is Booked

We consider this the fun stage. The client has worked with us, perhaps with an architect/ designer. With our assistance, they have navigated through the office furniture selection process. They have chosen the desks and chair configuration for main work areas and have selected the final finishes. The proposal has been signed, and they are ready for us to take the order to the next stage.

Double Checking and Checking Again

Immediately following the sign-off of the proposal, the order is redirected to our operations team. Our logistics and operations team streamlines and simplifies the delivery process, ensuring that any issues in the order are caught and resolved before they can cause a potential disruption. They meticulously review the order a second or third time, to ensure that there are no mistakes. Our modus operandi is to have accountability at each stage of the order entering process and to ensure that issues are caught and resolved before they appear. When our team places a request with a manufacturing partner for a bespoke item, we are checking their specifications to ensure that everything matches up to our own specifications. When working with many custom pieces, this practice is an absolute  necessity.

Communication and Transparency with Our Clients

We understand that once an order for office furniture is booked, we are operating on a tight schedule. With that in mind, it takes a flexible and scalable team to ensure that all aspects of the order are handled effectively with a timely turnaround. We appoint a point person to observe all furniture deliveries from our manufacturing partners as they arrive in the warehouse. Our team inspects those items for possible damage in transit, and we are proactive in ordering replacements for any items that do not match our quality standards. Transparency is important to us at every stage of the process. We communicate updates directly to the client to inform them of any status update with regards to their order. Once all items have arrived in the warehouse, we work with our clients to schedule the delivery date.

Delivering the Furniture

The most exciting part of a project is the date we deliver the client’s furniture. Weeks or months before the client’s move-in date, we will have already worked with them to acquire and submit the proper paperwork to ensure that nothing prevents delivery.  This may include  certificates of insurance, arranging a time with the loading dock, or even working out a union/ nonunion  overtime delivery. What occurs at delivery is an orchestrated concert, carefully planned detail by detail by our operations, logistics and sales team, fully expressing itself in the completion of a beautiful, finished final project. Punch list items, reported damages, and re-ordering of pieces are all handled methodically, with a high level of efficiency and speed. The OFH Account Manager and Project Manager will stay at the jobsite ensuring that the final delivery is done smoothly, and the space is completely ready for the client to move in.

Post-Delivery/ Conclusion

At OFH we are keenly passionate about what we do and are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs in a comprehensive way. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, our logistics and operations team safeguard the order, ensuring an effective and efficient project with a high level of transparency. We believe in performing the heavy lifting for our clients and providing a valuable service that extends beyond helping to select furniture pieces and finishes. At OFH, our work is only fully done when the client has successfully moved into their space and is happy with their environment and their furniture.

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