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OFH 3D Rendering

Selecting office space is a difficult task. An empty space can signify endless possibilities, but it can also be a great source of stress--particularly if you cannot visualize how your office will look once it’s furnished. You might view a pre-built space that already has finished walls and floors, or you might see a raw space that requires construction before you move in. A floorplan is helpful but does not provide a complete visual guide to help you understand how the space will look, or how it will work for your company. At OFH, we offer high-quality office renderings to our clients to make the process of visualizing office space easier.

Pre-Built Office | OFH 3D Rendering Showing Furnished Pre-Built Space

Our renderings help you see the bigger picture while leaving less room for guesswork. Whether deciding if a conference room looks too crowded, or selecting the right color for your chairs, our team will provide you with beautiful 3D renderings, so you can confidently make the right design decisions for your office.

OFH Floor Plan | OFH 3D Rendering

Working from a floorplan, we will create a 3D color rendering of your office that shows the architectural features and the furniture lines you select. You can change the furniture, configuration, finishes, and textiles, and see how the furniture selected will look in your space before you proceed.

OFH 3D Rendering | Finished Space

Our team has the resources to help you make design decisions that will improve the quality of your entire office. You can decide where to include vivid pops of color, and where to opt for simplicity. The above photo displays a 3D color rendering of an office we furnished for a beverage company, alongside a photo of the finished space.

OFH 3D Rendering

The possibilities are endless. We have creative interior designers on staff and the latest design software to help you create the perfect office, with a design that fits the brand, style, and ethos of your company. At OFH, our team can help you design your space and help you visualize your office. For more information about how we can help you design and furnish your next office, contact us at


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