Product Spotlight: Height Adjustable Tables


Office Furniture Heaven - Activ Height Adjustable Tables

Sitting is the new smoking. As an office furniture company that specializes in ergonomic seating, we have sold countless beautifully designed and comfortable office chairs during our tenure. However, even with the best of ergonomic chairs, we know we can never fully mitigate the long-term health effects of an extended sitting session. The human body was made to move. We were optimized to operate best in an upright standing position. We also know, however, that for most of our clients, it is simply unreasonable to do away with sitting altogether. That is why we believe that the height adjustable table should be the centerpiece of any modern ergonomic workspace.

With improvements in manufacturing, motorized height adjustable tables which previously cost upwards of $2000 a unit are now as low as $722 for a single desk. OFH is proud to offer a variety of automated sit to stand options from full benching systems to stand alone units. Our popular ACTIV series comes with either single or dual motors for silent operation. Control the height of your desk with ease from a touchscreen console. All of our units offer programmable memory settings to allow for one-touch operation.  Clean aesthetics and a large range of color and size options make it easy to find the perfect solution for your office or workspace. Our modular base stations are also customizable, so we can adapt the size, shape, and materials of a unit to fit your design. For offices with unique requirements, our height adjustable benching solutions can be tailor-made to fit your floor plan. Order directly from our website or contact us for more information. Our affordable and cost efficient solutions make it easy to bring height adjustability to any office or workspace!

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