Neo Con 2012: 3D Orange is all the Rage

Marc has been attending NeoCon for over 30 years, but this was his first time as the founder of 3D Office Furniture + Design. With the latest addition to the 3D team, Brian Fergusen, Marc took in Chicago’s massive furniture fair. The two were warmly welcomed by vendors and buyers throughout the event excited to hear about Marc’s new company.

The 3D logo’s orange color scheme is clearly cutting edge. Orange is in the air, on the ground, coloring seat cushions, framing walls, covering floors, and more. Many companies featured the color prominently in their booth design as well as their inventory. A reflection, perhaps, of the underlying theme of optimism at this year’s gathering, the orange was infectious and inspiring.

Orange is bright. It pops. It evokes smiles, and it sells furniture!

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