5 Ways to Make Your Open Office a Better Place to Work

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It’s doubtless, today’s office is a site of constant change and reinvention. With an estimated 70% of U.S. offices utilizing open workspaces, the most logical question for us to ask ourselves is: how can we make it better?

A lot of new phrases have also entered the dialogue: Focus Work, Balanced Office and Collaborative Office--just to name just a few. These terms seek to express a more intuitive relationship with office building, that goes beyond simply taking down walls and freeing up space to work. The most well-designed offices are deceptive in their simplicity. When mapping out a space, an experienced space planner takes into consideration, not only the look of a space, but how the space will be used by a multitude of different personalities, all with different jobs and work preferences.

Recent studies have also found that the most productive places to work, balance both public and private work environments.  Low Disruption areas for quiet independent work, closed off conference rooms for meetings, and having private cubicles to take calls, all proved as positive boosts to productivity, when joined with the open plan model.

We’ve compiled a list of a few suggestions, for making your office a better place to work:

Have a Comfy Lounge Area

A well-designed lounge area is a reward for creativity. Modern-day offices have been seeing a lot more employee movement. This means more employees are spending less time at their desk. Inviting, spacious lounge areas with appealing textiles and designs, have become perfect places to do collaborative and independent work. 

Fill Areas with Plenty of Natural Light

Everyone likes a sunny office. Studies have shown that more natural light in a workspace, not only increases productivity, but makes everyone happier. Consider opting for sound-proofed glass walls, instead of physical walls to divide spaces. Read our blog post here, for more options. Read more, in this article about Architectural Glass Walls.

Make Use of Height Adjustable Desks

While standing up is good for health, a static standing desk is often not practical for daily use. With height-adjustable desks, your employees can reap the benefits of increased mobility and comfort, with no sacrifice to their routine. For more information, check out our blog on KINEX Height Adjustable Tables, or check out the various options here.

Create Quiet Zones

Whether for independent work, meetings, or for taking private phone calls, there are many ways to have a quiet space to do work. Focused work areas, separated by a glass walls have all proven effective in dividing space, without taking away from the open plan effect. Small cubicle pods, with a varying price range, are an option for taking phone calls. There are also privacy screens, sound-absorbing panels, and furniture available, that have been specifically designed for sound minimization.

Easy-Access Outlets

With many employees moving around the office, using laptops, tablets, and cellphones, easy-access electrification is a must. Furniture, such as lounge chairs, workstations, and conference tables, all offer integrated electrical components. Ask us more about electrification, in your next project.

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