New Office Design Projects at OFH

2019 has been an exciting year at OFH for office design. Our talented team of Sales Executives and Designers have been hard at work creating functional and beautiful office furniture solutions for our clients. This post highlights some of the work we recently added to our PROJECTS PAGE.

We love our clients, and we are passionate about furnishing offices where our clients will thrive, with furniture that will last for many years. The projects we will be highlighting in this blog post are: QUARTZ, HONTUS, STATAR CAPITAL and FINANCE PROJECT.


 Quartz is a throwback project that was completed by the founder of OFH, David Itkin, who worked within the designs of the architectural firm, Desai Chia. The firm had a groundbreaking design that included a flexible open plan layout, private areas, and collaborative zones. They required clean, minimalist high-quality office furniture that would complement their designs. This is where our team came in.

OFH furnished their open work area of 150+ employees with technology-integrated bench workstations, designed for heavy use and high-performance. Ergonomic seating was chosen, for comfortable hours of sitting. In high-traffic areas, physical comfort is an imperative for high-productivity and concentration. The design was perfectly coordinated with collaborative and breakout areas that had the relaxed and creative atmosphere of a local café or hip meeting spot. For this office design project, we were able to provide the grounding ergonomics and high-quality office furniture that enabled the quirky and creative aspects of the office to thrive harmoniously in a perfect balance. To read more about this project, see our PROJECTS.


For Hontus, a luxury Italian travel goods and accessories brand, we tried something different. OFH Sales Executive, David Cashner, was retained by the company to create a furniture plan for the office and collaborate on the space plan. The result was simple and unique.

Designer office furniture and luxury Italian lines with elegant and muted finishes were chosen to balance the company’s extensive line of fashionably bold luggage that are showcased on shelving units throughout the space. To read more about this project, see our PROJECTS.


For Statar Capital, an investment management company, the company wanted a fresh and clean look for their company’s Midtown office. OFH Sales Executive and Designer, David Cashner, provided the company with modern office furniture with a timeless appeal. Combining earthy finishes and biophilic decor, with the sleek sophistication of their cosmopolitan neighborhood, this resulting office is elegant and beautiful.

Signature features of the space include glass walls that cleanly divide conference rooms and private offices. Open work areas include height adjustable workstations, monitor arms and ergonomic chairs, to provide the highest level of functionality to their tech team and traders. To read more about this project, see our PROJECTS


For a project we completed in the Plaza District, for a finance company, the client opted for high-functionality and flexibility for their rapidly-growing company. The long-term client, with three furnished floors, needed furniture that was capable of being moved and rearranged as they pivoted and expanded based on the demands of the market.

The owner of OFH, Marc Schwartzberg, worked with the architectural firm TPG Architecture to create a high-functioning solution for this multifloored office project. From office furniture selection to project coordination, OFH ensured that the installation went seamlessly. The resulting office is perfectly suited to its intention. To read more about this project, see our PROJECTS.


At OFH, we take pride in being able to create beautiful office design solutions for our clients. Whether you are planning an office renovation or are moving into a new office, our experienced office furniture professionals will create a solution that meets your requirements. CONTACT US to schedule a free consultation.

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