Location: New York, NY
Office Size: 25,000 sq. ft.
Design Firm: Desai Chia
Photography: Mark Craemer
OFH Account Exec: 
David Itkin

Quartz is a cutting-edge business news organization that focuses on the new global economy. New York City-based, with editions in Africa and India, Quartz is your go-to digital guide to the international marketplace.

The architectural firm, Desai Chia, was retained to design an office that matched the intellectual, creative and quirky spirit of the company while remaining flexible for their rapidly expanding team. The award-winning solution the firm devised was a flexible open plan layout that enabled circulatory movement throughout the space, with the addition of private areas for focused activity. A defining feature of the space is the inclusion of wood-frame structures that serve as accent pieces, shelving units, and collaborative seating. “Phonebooth” rooms were included to serve as a retreat from the noise of the open plan areas and provide a space for quiet work and relaxation.

At OFH, we were retained to provide office furniture that complemented the architect’s designs, and flexibly met the requirements of the team’s rapidly growing staff. We provided ergonomic task seating and high-functioning open plan workstations with storage units, to cleanly match the intricately designed collaborative and breakout areas. From breakrooms, open plan work areas, meeting areas to lockers, we provided the company with resilient office furniture that harmoniously matched the creative requirements of their high-energy and growing team. Whether it is a Ted Talk-style presentation, tech symposium, a daily meeting/ brainstorming session, or Friday night cocktails—Quartz’s office reflects the best of all worlds, with an office that is designed to fit every function.

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SARA Design Award of Honor
NYCxDESIGN Honoree Award
Interior Design Best of Year Honoree Award
International Architecture Award- Architecture Podium
AIA NY Speed Presentations Edition 10