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A lot of work goes into growing a small company, with 5 - 100 employees. From operations and marketing to sales and accounting, you have carefully crafted an amazing service and put together a great team. You have given it your all, and you are seeing results. Whether upgrading your present space or moving into a new office, you should receive service that meets your standards for excellence. You don’t cut corners--so we don't either.

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At OFH we are as devoted to you as you are to your business. When you are moving offices or changing furniture, you need a company that will listen.  We provide a personalized service that will attend to your unique needs. Our ethic is embodied by our amazing team of professionals. They combine experience and warmth to become ideal partners with your company. They will help you transform your big project from an intimidating burden to an exciting opportunity.

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Every step of the way, our team will be there coordinating and monitoring your project. Beginning with a floor plan and design, we will walk you through the steps to optimize your new office space. We will help you develop a thoughtful plan that considers both style and efficient use of space. Whatever your company needs, whether it be large collaborative areas or private workspaces, we will provide you with personal attention to help you meet your goals. We will work within your budget, and value engineer a creative solution that meets your expectations.

Before | After Photos of an Office Upgrade in an Existing Space

Renovations are a hectic experience. Many people will be in and out of your space coordinating, working and of course making lots of noise. Meanwhile, you still have work to do.  You may not have experience dealing with construction companies and others involved, but we do. Our team will be there helping you understand the process and assisting you in communicating with various people involved.

OFH Designer + Sales Executive, David Cashner, Overseeing Construction

We understand that for small companies, time is of the essence, and an efficient moving process can go a long way.  We have our own delivery team that will adapt to your needs depending on your time table. They will oversee the project, coordinate delivery, and monitor installation. The salesperson who worked on your project will also be present during installation to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you are renovating your space, we will work with your company to carefully plan deliveries at times that are least disruptive to your team.

Our Furniture and Installation Team Furnishing Beautiful Offices For Our Clients

As a small company, how you want your office to look will be unique to the needs of your company. It is our job, to create the perfect bespoke solution that fits your requirements. We understand that while moving offices is complicated, business never stops, and your company has to keep moving. Our team will work with you through every step of the process so you will feel comfortable and anxiety free, transitioning into your new office.

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