Quantbot Technologies

Location: New York, NY
Office Size: 2,000 sq. ft.
Design Firm: Tatyana Design
OFH Account Exec: Marc Schwartzberg

Quantbot Technologies, an international hedge fund, moved into a new space in Midtown Manhattan. They needed a sophisticated, well-designed office, with a high level of functionality and efficiency, to suit their fast-paced work environment. They retained Tatyana Design to design their new office. With years of experience in interior architecture, space planning, interior design, and decorating, they were the perfect firm to take on the project.

Tatyana Design tasked OFH to furnish Quantbot's new office. Our OFH President, Marc Schwartzberg, worked closely with Tatyana and her team, to ensure that all the office furniture satisfied the design requirements, met the budget and was available for the project's tight delivery schedule.

The end-result was beautiful: a highly efficient minimal office, with lots of natural wood architectural features. Glass walls allowed for the natural flow of light, and an open, inviting feel throughout the office. Bold graphics and opaque frosting on featured architectural glass walls allowed for additional privacy in individual offices. A simple and clean Zen Reception desk was installed in the front reception area. The staff conference rooms were fitted with Robin Lowback chairs. The Board Room was furnished with sleek Board Series chairs. Ultimate comfort and flexibility was achieved by using Height Adjustable Activ-Pro Benching and ergonomic Focus chairs throughout work-areas. One workstation was even paired with a treadmill!

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