CLW Distributors

Location: Farmingdale, NY 
Project Size: 25,000 sq. ft.
OFH Account Exec: David Cashner

CLW Distributors is a beverage and snacks distributor in Farmingdale, NY. From alternative milks and cocoa, to specialty teas and juice concentrates, CLW Distributors specializes in delivering beverages and food products to coffee shops, stores and restaurants throughout the NYC area. CLW Distributors is a family-run company, led by Craig and Michele Weiser, who are passionate about providing their customers with quality products and a high level of professional service.

After many years at their previous space, Craig and Michele purchased a building in Farmingdale, NY, with a spacious office and warehouse. They reached out to David at OFH, after having difficulty finding office furniture that met their requirements. They wanted an office that reflected the image of a Williamsburg coffee house, and matched Michele’s stunning collection of colorful art glass, abstract paintings, and their Midcentury lounge furniture. After a phone call, David enthusiastically arranged to meet them at their new office.

David worked closely with Michele and Craig in choosing the right furniture for their office. David helped them hone in on the styles they liked, and collaborated with Michele with the color selection. Walking into CLW Distributor’s office, one is immediately greeted by a cheerful bright orange Antares typewriter. Immediately following is the reception desk stocked with candy, and a display of some of their bestselling products. A collage of bright colors envelops the office, with pantry and break out areas plentifully stocked with delicious treats and snacks. Michele said her favorite part of the redesign process was “Just seeing the idea I had come into fruition… And it was just great to be in a happy, bright, colorful area.” Colorful Novo Midback task chairs and matching pedestals embellished open work areas, alongside minimalist white workstations and trace lateral files. The simplicity of the office furniture selected helped highlight decorative pieces and preserve the minimalist feel of the space. The conference room was tastefully furnished with white Mojo conference chairs and our Zen Conference table in Zebra laminate. Individual offices were comfortably furnished with custom Zen Open Office workstations, Novo Highback executive chairs and Lumin guest chairs.

Michele said “David was very knowledgeable and he directed us, always keeping in mind our budget. It went smoothly. Everything came on time—I just thought it was a great experience, and he’s just such a nice person.” We also asked how CLW Distributor’s team responded to the new design. “They were elated… People come in with a more positive attitude. Even when we first came in, everybody was dressing better… It’s just a happier place to work in. Simple as that.”

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